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Ere Perez

Sheroes Pink Set

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light + natural color

Think pink! This October we prepared a set with our favorite pink products for a radiant and colorful look all day.  SAVE 33% with this bundle!

argan eyebrow mascara

This tinted gel contains small vegan fibers that enhance them and add volume. The fibers adhere to your skin or brow to fill in spaces, and tame unruly hairs, making your brows look thicker and stand out. Argan oil conditions and stimulates hair. Available in a versatile shade that suits everyone.

Mango Lip Honey Lipgloss - Pop

Stimulate your lips with vitamins and minerals with this vegan mango lipgloss. Crystal clear shine plus an intense syrupy shine. Ultra nourishing hydration that stays active.

rice blush - Bondi

Multipurpose fine rice powder with 2 shades to mix. Matte tangerine and light pink for a warm tanned look. It adapts to any skin type and tone.